Foam pit from Eurogym

Our pits are high quality foam pits. We do not compromise on quality when it comes to a foam pit. It must be in order, it must be able to last for many years and it must also be safe.

We can build foam pits in the lowest holes, but at the same time get the highest lifting height on the market. If your jumping center is to be built on top of a swimming pool on the 2nd floor, we can also handle this.

We can supply foam pits in all sizes and shapes, with or without a floor joint, with or without a lift, but let’s dive a little deeper into what you have to deal with when investing in a foam pit from Eurogym.

The quality in Eurogym's foam pit

The foam pad is made up of several different layers of foam. With more than 30 years of experience in the field, we have found the construction of foam that we believe is the most optimal and safe.

The top of the foam pit comes with a 2-colour fabric cover on top, which can be made in the color you want. The 2-part fabric cover helps to give the gymnasts a better orientation of where they are in the air.

The foam pit can be used for many purposes, and can be delivered in several different widths and lengths according to the customer’s wishes.
They can also be supplied with a raising/lowering system up to 250cm in height.

With a floor member, other sports can be done on top of the foam pit. If you are in a sports hall where, for example, handball is to be played in the same hall where you train as a gymnastics association, then the foam pit, when not in use, can be hidden away under the floor.

Edge cushions are installed around the foam pit, which increases safety around the pit. An edge stopper can be fitted, at the end of which the jumping direction is from, which is a few centimetres, and means that the trampoline and/or the track can come very close to the edge of the foam pit and thus increase safety.

We can make a stand-alone model – which means that the foam pit has no attachments anywhere other than the floor.

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Let's have a chat

Are you interested in our product? Fill in your information below and we’ll have a chat.