Euro Gymnastic Equipment ApS

Euro Gymnastic Equipment is a company with expertise in gymnastic equipment, colloquially known as Eurogym.

We have more than 35 years of experience in the development, production and sale of gymnastics equipment. Eurogym was formed back in 2006 together with our Swedish partners on top of MD Sport Import which was founded in 1986 by Martin Damgaard.

We continue to have the clear gymnastics profile: Equipment with ideas and vision with development, production, import and sale of gymnastics tools and equipment. We can export to the whole world.

At Eurogym, we strive to provide a personal and professional service with individual and intelligent solutions. With us, we keep up with gymnastics and follow the development of gymnastics closely. You can clearly feel this with us when all employees at Eurogym are either former or active gymnasts and have teaching experience in the subject.

We carry out large and small tasks, and we always strive to find a solution that fits exactly your wishes and needs. Regardless of what you want help with, we are sure that we will probably find a solution. All customers are equally important.

With over 200 hall projects behind us, we are specialists in foam pit systems, but our range also includes gymnastics equipment for children and young people, but also for the elite, as well as gymnastics equipment for the elderly and exercisers. No task is too small and none is too big, popularly speaking we can supply everything in gymnastics equipment, from “pea bags to foam pits”. All projects and solutions are something we are proud of. See more under references.

Eurogym has a close collaboration with our head office in Gothenburg and with HGB.

Eurogym is official…

Sponsor for GymDanmark
Distributor for Gymnova in Denmark
Distributor of Skakun Tumbling Equipment in Scandinavia
Distributor of BagJump in Scandinavia
Distributor for AirGym products
Distributor of BOSAN

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Are you interested in our product? Fill in your information below and we’ll have a chat.