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The most winning trampled within TeamGym in history. It has been with us from the beginning, and is still here.

The first trampoline was produced in the mid-1980s by Martin Damgaard (MD). He had long been dissatisfied with the trampolines that existed both nationally and internationally. Therefore, he agreed with his team in Ringsted, to produce a trampoline himself, which would live up to the gymnasts and jumps of the time.

It became the development of the first MD trampled in 1985.

Today, our trampolines are called:

MD Super G
MD Elite
MD Børne-trampet
The basic construction itself and the vision behind the construction are still the same today. But of course there is a big difference from the older models from the mid 80s to the MD Super G today.

The production is today date of approx. 6000 trampolines and many are still in use. If you have an older model, it can often be upgraded or re-modified to, for example, a children’s pedal.


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