Trampettes by Eurogym

The most winning trampette in TeamGym history. It has been in from the beginning, and it’s still here!

The first trampette was produced in the mid 1980’s by Martin Damgaard (MD). He had for a long time been unsatisfied with the trampettes that was used nationally and internationally. He then agreed with his team in Ringsted, DK, that they should produce a trampette themselves, that would live up to the level of the gymnasts and their skills.

That led to the development of the first MD trampette in 1985.

Today our trampettes are called:

  • MD Super G
  • MD Elite
  • MD Children

The fundamental construction and the vision behind MD trampettes are the same today as in was 40 years ago.

We have since the 1980’s produced over 6000 trampettes, many are still in use today.

If you have an older model, it’s most likely that it can be upgraded or converted to f.ex. a childrens trampette.

For further info about trampolines – please leave a message

Jakob Søndergaard
Jakob SøndergaardDirektør
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