Leading equipment supplier to TeamGym
For many years, in fact since 1986, Eurogym has supplied gymnastics equipment to TeamGym, and with over 200 references, Eurogym is a leader in equipment for TeamGym.

As gymnastics has become wilder, our tools have also followed developments and become even better, and safer.

As a proud supplier of TeamGym tools, we can say that our MD-Trampet has won several medals at national and international competitions. And it’s not only our MD trampoline that it’s a hit, so is our tumbling track also. It has helped to set several Danish records, most recently at the Danish Championships in 2019 where the difficulty record was broken for club teams.

Our TeamGym range is approved by the European Federation, and has been used at several European Championships, most recently in 2016 and 2018.

Jakob Søndergaard
Jakob SøndergaardChief manager
For further information about Teamgym solutions, please contact Jakob Søndergaard.

See here senior men qualification from European Championships 2018.

What is Teamgym?
Teamgym is the perfect mix of rhythmic movements and powerful jumps. A team sport for men, women and mix and the most popular form of gymnastics in GymDanmark.

If you are both into rhythm and jumping, TeamGym gymnastics is the perfect choice. In TeamGym you train the space and the powerful. This means that the training is versatile and focuses on coordination, rhythm and power. Teamwork and technique play a big role in competitions.

TeamGym is a team sport where you:
– Makes a rhythmic series for free music
– Runs on the mat. Here you put a series of jumps together into one complete series
– Jumps in the trampoline, which is a small sloping trampoline. Here you make e.g. a somersault
– All competitions take place as a team of 6-12 gymnasts in either the men’s, women’s or mixed series. On the mix teams, there must be 50 per cent. of each sex.

Equipment for TeamGym

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