Since 1986, Eurogym has provided gymnastic gear for TeamGym. With over 200 references, Eurogym is the leader in gear for Teamgym.

What is Teamgym?

Teamgym is the perfect mix of rhythmic movements and powerful jumps. A team sport for men, women and mix. Teamgym the most popular gymnastics in GymDanmark.

If you into rhythm and jumping,  then TeamGym is the perfect choice. In TeamGym you train the space and the powerful. This means that the training is versatile and focuses on coordination, rhythm and power. Teamwork and technology play a major role in competitions.

TeamGym is a team sport where you:

  • Create a rhythmic series
  • Running on mats. Here you put a series of jumps together into one single series
    Jump in the trampet, which is a small trampoline. Here you do, for example. a salto
  • All competitions take place as a team of 6-12 gymnasts in either the men’s, women’s or mixed range. At the mix teams there must be 50 per cent. of each gender.
Jakob Søndergaard
Jakob SøndergaardChief manager
For further information about Teamgym solutions, please contact Jakob Søndergaard.

Equipment for TeamGym

Selection of equipment used by Teamgym

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Jakob Søndergaard
Jakob SøndergaardChief manager
For further info – please contact Jakob Søndergaard

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