Softmats and airmats

Softmat delivered from 15-40 cm and is constructed of three layers compact foam, wherein the top layer is ultra-soft. On the top it is covered with stretch fabric.

Airmat delivered from 50-90 cm and is constructed in three layers, wherein the middle layer consists of foam with air channels for greater compression and the top layer is of super-soft type. On the top it is covered with stretch fabrics

  • Softkilemåtte 100x200x45/15
  • Softkilemåtte 200x300x60/15
  • Softkilemåtte 130x260x60/15
  • Airmåtte 200x400x50
  • Airmåtte 220x400x90
  • Softbox 150x200x85
  • Soft smid-ind-måtte 100x200x15
  • Softmåtte 200x400x40
  • Softmåtte 200x300x30
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