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MD Sport (Eurogym today) built the first foam pit with floor hatch at Gunslevholm Sports Continuation School in 1989. A year later we built the first raising and lowering foam pit with floor hatch in Gadstrup.

Since then, it has gone strong. It has become more and more projects over the years, and today stands by a long reference list, which you can see here.

Today, Eurogym’s foam pit systems are one of the most popular systems in Scandinavia, and we can provide just the solution you need.

Whether it is:

  • Open Foam pits

  • Closed Foam pits

  • Big Trampolines

  • Fasttrack

  • Loose foam pit

  • Bungysytems


We are ready to help you

Morten Elvstrøm
Morten ElvstrømProject manager
For further info – please contact Morten

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Open foam pit systems

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Closed foam pit systems

Read more about closed foam pit systems by Eurogym.

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Big Trampoline

Read more about big trampolines by Eurogym. 

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Read more about fastback by Eurogym.

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Loose Foam pit

Read more about loose foam pit by Eurogym.

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Read more about bungysystem by Eurogym.

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Foam pit systems by Eurogym


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